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Be Curious and Coach-able to become a Champion


Posted on : 31/Jul/2020 4:28:32 PM

If youre planning to launch your business soon, you need to be aware of these 2 essential Traits. 

Curiosity is one of the important traits of all successful Startup founders. It is the desire to read, to explore, to learn, to understand new things, and to know how they work. They seek information or experience and are willing to meet challenges and dive deep into the topic that interests them. When curious people fail, they analyze their failure, because they are keen on knowing the reasons, so they can do better the next time. This increases their chances of success.

Curiosity leads to questions, and questions lead to answers. Those answers lead to a deeper understanding of the world around you. Solving a problem is one thing, but identifying new problems you dont even realize exist is another thing entirely.

The worlds most successful entrepreneurs are curious about improving society by always asking these kinds of questions...
  • What are your customers complaining about?
  • What are their frustrations/challenges?
  • Whats the problem your customers need solving right now? 
  • What would your existing customers want to change about your product?
  • How is your competition solving the problems in your industry? 
  • What makes your competition better? 
  • What can you learn from your competitors?
Being Coach-able is the next most important skill for startup founders. Always remember there is s something you dont know yet. To be Coach-able means that you have the mindset of a lifelong learner. You are consistently open to learning from anyone at any time on any topic. Developing a coach-able attitude should be at the top of your self-development plan because everything else is directly related to how coach-able you are and how open you are to new information.

Being coach-able doesnt mean you dont know your market, customers, technology, product, etc. It means you have the determination to seek out someone to help you better understand some hidden aspects of your startup (like prioritizing new product features, testing the new prototype, understanding customer behavior, new technology, testing new customer acquisition channels, changing product road-map, marketing strategies and many more.

You should be ready to receive constructive criticism to learn. Ask yourself: What can be the benefit of this feedback, is there something for me to learn. Understand the feedback deeply, then try to refine any useful information out of it for decision making.

Pay attention to others experience, wisdom, skills, and knowledge. Dont stick to the same ideas with the same approach if you see the performance is weak. Stop for a moment and ask yourself What other experiments do I need to conduct to learn more about X, Y, Z?

Unless you are coach-able, willing to challenge your own status quo, no amount of coaching or mentoring will ever make a difference. 

Be Curios & Be Coach-able. 
Build a great business.

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Gunasekaran Adhiseshan 
Startup Coach & Author of Startup Recipe
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