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Kodambakkam and Anna Nagar zones have 28% of all Coronavirus cases in the last 15 days


Posted on : 31/Jul/2020 9:48:48 AM

As per the official data, Kodambakkam zone, Ambattur zone and Anna Nagar zone has got many fresh Coronavirus active cases now. Central part of Chennai is now more focussed by the officials of the corporation in the fight against Coronavirus pandemic.

The above said 3 zones of GCC have been making many heads turn by recording more than 100 Covid-19 cases every day but no clusters have been reported. It was pointed out by some officials belonging to GCC that aggressive testing in the slums areas, of contacts and mild symptomatic persons would continue and this would be there till the daily cases go below 100 per day. 

Information is 2 indicators have been taken into consideration. One indicator was increase in the last 2 weeks in the total number of cases (sum of active cases, deaths and recoveries). It must be noted that the second indicator was the number of active cases.

In the last 15 days of time, Kodambakkam zone and Anna Nagar zone have recorded 28% of all Coronavirus cases in Chennai. Kodambakkam zone has as many as 1734 active cases and Anna Nagar zone has 1453 active cases.

 For many weeks, Ambattur zone that is contiguous with Anna Nagar has not recorded too many Corona cases in the few weeks but now there has been an increase of 1721 in the total number of cases. In the Ambattur zone, there are now as many as 1198 active Coronavirus cases and it is third after Kodambakkam and Anna Nagar zones.

A large number of working class persons have been testing positive for Covid-19 in the zones like Kodambakkam, Anna Nagar and Ambattur and these people do not live in the slums. This was confirmed by a GCC official. Important piece of information is Attipattu and Padikuppam of Ambattur zone have got many active Coronavirus cases.
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