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Chennai outskirts receives heavy rains with thunder


Posted on : 29/Jul/2020 9:43:54 AM

Chennai outskirts received thunderstorms due to the presence of low hanging clouds. By this, Meenambakkam received the highest rainfall ever in the month of July. This has caught the attention of many now. Fact is the residents belonging to the core places in Chennai havent received a good spell of rains till now.

It was explained by Mr. Puviarasan, director of Area Cyclone Centre, Chennai that wind convergence, meeting of land and sea breeze leads to convective activity and then to rains mostly occurring away from the coast. Interiors get rainfall because the convergence takes place 20km to 30km away from the coast. Point is only sometimes convergence moves towards the city core areas. The rainfall now has been more in the interior areas.

In Chennai, Nungambakkam recorded 51mm of rains from 1st July to 27th July. In the same time, Meenambakkam recorded 271mm of rain. By this, record has been created in Meenambakkam weather station in the July month. It must be noted that in the year 1954 Meenambakkam weather station recorded 266mm of rains in the July month.

Nungambakkam recorded 92mm rains between 1st June and 27th July and Meenambakkam received 288mm rains. From 1st June to 28th July, Chennai subdivision had a deficit of 25 rains. It is now revealed that the heavy rainfall on Tuesday would have made the rain records better. 

As per an officer belonging to IMD, there are chances of good rainfall for the next 3 days. He added that monsoon would pick up on the west coast over Mumbai and Gujarat in the first week of the month of August. Many areas in Chennai received heavy rains on Tuesday evening and this was mainly because of the cyclonic circulation that was lying over southeast and adjoining southwest Bay of Bengal that resulted in the wind convergence.
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