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Citizens can now edit registration documents on the net!


Posted on : 28/Jul/2020 2:25:06 PM

The State Government of Tamil Nadu has announced that the citizens can now edit the registration documents on their own on the internet.

In a notification regarding this, it mentions:

Registration documents can be edited on the official website of the State Government of Tamil Nadu Department of Registration - www.tnreginet.gov.in.

For this, the person editing the registration document has to log in. Subsequently, the essential details such as the name of the beneficiary and the password, and then click the option, edit the document. The document can be edited either in English or Tamil.

The option of the type of registration document to be edited has to be made first. The property seller has to enter all the details of how he purchased the property. In case it is hereditary property, these details need not be furnished.

The details of the name of the person editing the document, fathers name, address, etc., have to be filled up. These details can be taken from the earlier registration documents available. The details of the name of the buyer, fathers name, address, etc., are to be filled.

The details of the survey number, Patta number giving the area of the property, and the details of the payment made for registering the same have to be entered. The details of the 4 boundaries of the property and the other details about the property must all be entered.

After entering all the details, the details of the payments to be made to the government will appear automatically. These payments can be made on the net. After this, the registration document would have been created. A can be taken for checking and verification of details. The Tamil Nadu State Government Department of Registration has informed that even the correction of the errors made can be carried out on the registration document on the internet.
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