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Schools might not reopen before October month, less than 50% chance


Posted on : 27/Jun/2020 10:26:29

Schools across India have not yet reopened due to the Coronavirus threat. Every day, more Coronavirus positive cases are being reported. It is now said that the chances of schools reopening before the month of October are less than 50 percent. This was according to heads of some top educational institutions in India.

Panel discussion titled Covid-19, Impact of schooling was organized by ParentCircle, a parenting platform. There were discussions between top educationists belonging to the top 3 most affected COVID cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai. Top educationists belonging to like DAV, PSBB and Modern schools discussed the academic activities

It is important to note that the panel members came to various conclusions including that if the schools reopened during monsoons then things might go out of control. Maintaining physical distancing could be tough in schools. There were also discussions about grades etc, reduction of the syllabus for the academic year, and how about 85% of fees go towards salaries of the teachers. It was brought out that the reduction in the fees would create issues.

The chance of reopening in October month would be between 20 to 50 percent and this was according to Dr. Sheela Rajendran, dean, and director of PSBB schools. She was of the view that the entire school might not be reopened. She then hinted that safety would be given huge importance and there might be a chance that schools might not even reopen in December, January also.

The school management would face lots of issues as physical distancing and wearing facemasks would be considered as key elements. She concluded that it would be difficult for the students to maintain physical distancing in the schools even if just 10 % of students were allowed.

As per the principal Alka Kapur of Modern Public School, till the curve flattens all the stakeholders are against the reopening of the schools.
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