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Intensification of Corona virus containment by Chennai Corporation


Posted on : 21/May/2020 10:10:00

The Corporation of Chennai has been taking many measures for containing the spread of Covid-19 infection. Soon, the corporation would be intensifying the strategy for Covid-19 containment in the city of Chennai.

It is believed that by identifying a large proportion of the cases in wards where the infection has been localized it was feasible to interrupt the transmission. On Wednesday, the CM of TN Mr. E. Palaniswami launched mobile X-ray units. 

Possibility of intensifying containment strategies in the neighborhoods where the residents have tested positive for the Corona virus infection was explored by the officials of the corporation. 

Inauguration of Namma Chennai Covid-19 Containment Programme was done by the state health minister Mr. C. Vijayabaskar on Wednesday. 

This would focus on the containment initiative in areas where cases have been reported often. Interrupting the transmission by identifying wards with localized infection is important and this was mentioned by the minister.

In the 34 wards belonging to the Chennai city, 50 percent of the total case load has been reported. This was as per the data from Chennai Corporation. The officials of the civic body then explained about how 5 mobile units launched by CM would be sent to medical college hospitals in Chennai.

In as many as in eight wards, clusters have been reported and the focus areas of strategy would be in these 8 wards. This was according to Mr. J. Radhakrishnan, special nodal officer of the Chennai Corporation.

He then explained about the further prioritization that would be done in the streets that have thrown up clusters. It is worthy to mention that 85 percent cases in the Royapuram zone have come from 8 wards.

It was later brought to light by Mr. Radhakrishnan about the Chennai Corporation getting as many as 500 health inspectors and how mobile units would be used on those who do not show any symptoms.
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