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Intel launches 10th Gen Core processors geared towards gaming


Posted on : 03/Apr/2020 10:59:35

Recently, Intel has launched its 10th Gen Core H-series mobile processors

Intel claims this will offer desktop-calibre performance with extreme portability and is geared towards gaming on laptops.

The new 10th gen series of its H processors is headlined by the 10th Gen Intel Core i9-10980HK processor. Besides the launch of this new device, ASUA has also unveiled its ROG Spring 2020 lineup, powered by these new processors.

It is informed that this new processor lineup will play an important role in its portfolio as gamers are now moving towards mobile systems, and these help them have the flexibility they want coupled with the raw performance.  With the 10th Gen processors, the company has been able to achieve up to 5.3 GHz turbo speed with eight cores and 16 threads, which is usually the performance that PC grade processors put out.

Thus, with these enhanced specifications, the company says that it will be able to provide gamers with lower latency and the best gaming performance.

Intel states that when the 10th Gen Intel Core i9-10980HK is compared to a three-year-old system, it provides up to 54 percent more frames per second in gaming, has up to 44 per cent better performance and provides up to two times faster 4K video rendering. Whereas, the Core i7-10750H against a three-year-old system, delivers 44 percent more frames per second in gaming, has up to 33 percent better overall performance and can export 4K videos 70 per cent faster.

The company states that it is working with a number of PC manufacturers to put these chip-sets into as many laptops as they can. It says that over 30 thin-and-light laptops and over 100 consumer, commercial and workstation laptops will be launched with these new chip-sets this year.
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