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Chennai streets are safer now, thanks to the strict traffic rules


Posted on : 04/Dec/2019 10:00:11

Wearing helmets while driving the two-wheelers and fastening of seat belts while driving the four wheelers has become compulsory and stringent action is being taken now if these traffic rules are not followed is known. The point is number of fatalities has come down now. This was not the case in the past and there were many road accidents in Chennai.

It is worthy to note that Madras HC had repeatedly issued orders regarding the issue of road safety and now the number of fatalities has come down. This has been confirmed by some sources belonging to the traffic police department. 

It was later pointed out by an advocate, Mr. Vijayaragavan that due to the Madras High Court following up on the enforcement of helmet and seat belt rule with great enthusiasm, there is a palpable change now. The traffic police personnel have been doing their best in the aspect of road safety rules and are carrying out the mandate of the HC on the ground. The advocate later spoke about how perseverance in the face of adverse reactions has made everyone to obey the rules.

Reduction in the number of road accidents in Chennai has not been just because of the traffic police but also because of change in the peoples mindset. Heavy fines are collected now from the traffic violators and these too have contributed to the reduction in the road accidents as the public are worried about paying huge amount as fines and finally they follow the traffic rules.

It was mentioned by traffic police personnel Mr. Kannan that kids riding pillion wear helmets now and there has been a change in the mindset of the people. Information is at every street corner in the Chennai city, traffic police are involved in random traffic checks now and those not wearing helmets and seat belts are caught.

For the sake of creating awareness among many motorists about helmets, the traffic police personnel in Chennai city have taken up the work with sincerity.  Point to be noted is many innovative methods are also used by the traffic policemen for creating awareness.
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