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Why Basin Bridge witnesses heavy traffic congestion now?


Posted on : 26/Nov/2019 10:02:49

People travelling across Basin Bridge stretch are finding it very difficult now. The traffic here has become more now when compared to the past and this has resulted in turning this stretch into nightmare of immobility. It must be noted that recently the popular Elephant Gate Bridge (built many centuries back) was destroyed at this place.

It is known that the demolition of Elephant Gate Bridge started on 15th November 2019 after a delay of two years. The point to be noted is after the digging works were flagged off the new traffic diversion plans was made. From Wall Tax Road, vehicles heading towards Demellows Road were enabled to use the Basin Bridge or take 2km roundabout route through Wall Tax Road (Central station) take a right turn to Raja Muthiah and come back to Choolai. It is worthy to note that the vehicles from Demellows Road going to Wall Tax Road or Mint were allowed to use the Basin Bridge.

At the suburban stretch, the diversion has increased the traffic congestion now. It must be taken into account that hundreds of vehicles ply every day to places like Vepery, Perumbur and Central station. As a result, the traffic congestion on the bridge is very high and the anatomy of the congestion has made them stand choked on the bridge. It is sensational to mention that atleast 10000 vehicles pass through this bridge in the peak hours. Many share autos make the lives tough here as these autos add to the existing traffic.

Few months ago, a new diversion plan was made by making the Basin Bridge junction as one-way is known. The important point is vehicles from Wall Tax Road could not go directly to the CB or Cochrane Basin Road to Korukkupet and all the vehicles going to the Basin Bridge from Mint have to take a longer route entering Wall Tax Road and join the Basin Bridge junction.  The traffic police had asserted that this inconvenience would be temporary as they did not have any solution. Once the construction of Elephant Gate Bridge gets over, then only the vehicles could use the normal route. This was according to an official.
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