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Sari business in Chennai is taken to another level by these two men


Posted on : 10/Oct/2019 9:54:17 AM

Twenty years back, 2 young and enthusiastic persons named Kishore Advani and Vishal Advani with high hopes entered the sari business in Chennai.  It must be taken into account that these 2 have been getting lots of encouragement from their customers all these years and they have understood the market well now.

It is important to mention that they grew up watching their father run the sari business successfully. Since the year 1971, their father had a shop called Rupkala Designer Saris in Mount Road. Point is initially their shop dealt only with lightweight chiffon saris but later developed a love for fabrics, patterns, and colors also.

It was almost 20 years ago a shop named Ruparang was opened in T. Nagar in Chennai by these brothers Kishore and Vishal and that was the time when many saris shops were coming up. They made huge efforts to make their new shop look different with new collection of saris. Initially, the shop Ruparang was present in just 600 sq ft of the area but later in the year 2013 the shop was renovated and was opened in an area of 1300 sq ft.

Kishore Advani spoke about how he and his brother Vishal Advani work hand in hand. He then explained how there are 8 to 10 sections in his shop and how handling them alone is tough. Point is Visha Advani takes care of advertisements, marketing, and production activities. Engaging with the customers and getting their feedback for improvement is carried out successfully by Kishore Advani. To stay updated, it is important to play with seasonal colors and prints. Best collection depending on the weather conditions is being curated (collected, selected etc) by Kishore and his brother Vishal.

For the sari business, the festival season is the best time because many women would come to purchase saris for them as well as for their families and friends. It must be noted that the Chennai people are now stepping out of the comfort zone from traditional to experimental. Information is consumption patterns of the customers are kept in track. Kishore Advani concluded that staying in touch with the customers (women) and taking their suggestions is very important.
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