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In the school text books, QR codes not working says teachers now


Posted on : 11/Jul/2019 10:06:04

Last year QR coded textbooks were launched by the state education department and it made huge noises. Now a year had passed and the latest news is the QR codes embedded in some of the textbooks are unlinked. As a result, the students were not able to use it. This was according to the teachers.

A teacher belonging to a government school in TN explained about how since a week the QR codes present in the mathematics textbook of class 11 has not been working. This issue was present even in the last year. It should be taken into account that the teachers and principals belonging to half a dozen government schools in Chennai city faced similar issues and they have complained. The QR codes in the middle school mathematics, science and English textbooks were not functioning.

A school principal commented about how QR coded textbooks were introduced to more classes but the glitches remain. Last year, the state government had launched energised textbooks for the classes 1, 6, 9 and 11 used by more than 36 lakhs students.  It is important to note that within 6 months of the launch these QR coded textbooks popularity rose to huge heights and there were 2 crore scans and one crore downloads. The state of Maharashtra and others like UP, AP and Rajasthan recorded the highest scans and downloads is known. In 2019, the department had launched QR coded textbooks for classes like 2, 7, 10 and 12.

A teacher of a government school expressed her unhappiness regarding the un-linking and non- working of QR codes and said the authorities must take responsibility to rectify the glitches and only then the purpose of launching the QR coded textbooks would be solved.

Some teachers who were unable to understand about these QR coded textbooks spoke about how the faculty was having tough time. Learning to use the codes takes time as many teachers were not tech savvy. This has been confirmed by the principal of Kathivakkam based school. Information collected is the officials belonging to the school education department spoke about how they did not have any knowledge about the complaints.