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Recruitment process started once again to fill up the vacancies in the TN universities


Posted on : 11/Jul/2019 10:00:29

It has been 2 years since the Tamil Nadu varsities have recruited staffs to fill up vacancies due to the ban. The latest news that has come out is the recruitment process has started once again by the TN varsities to fill up the vacancies in their various departments.

On Wednesday, 10th July 2019, Bharathidasan University issued advertisement to recruit as many as 54 faculties in the first phase. Information collected now is other popular universities of TN such as Anna University or AU and Madras University or MU would soon begin the recruitment process.

For recruitment, Bharathidasan University has decided to follow UGC or University Grants Commission guidelines by taking the institution as a unit for implementing the reservation. Vice-chancellor of Bharathidasan University, Mr. P. Manishankar expressed his views and spoke about how based on the requirement and priority, the management has planned to recruit as many as 54 faculty members now. He explained about how the recruitment would be carried out by taking institution as a unit instead of department as per the directions of UGC. He spoke about following 200 point roster system for implementing the reservation.

It has been pointed out that the huge vacancies would be a disadvantage as it would hurt their NAAC accreditation as well as funding from the central agencies. Mr. Manishankar finally hinted about how there are 80 vacancies available totally and how preference would be given to filling up of vacancies in those departments that could get funds from the UGCs special assistance programme or SAP and from the DSTs FIST programme. It is worth mentioning that to get funds from SAP a department must have minimum of 6 faculty members.

Point is presently there are more than 600 vacancies across the state university. It is revealed that due to ban by the higher education department and ban from UGC in successive years some universities have more than 40 % of posts vacant.

It must not be forgotten that to redeploy the excess faculty in Annamalai University the department of higher education banned the recruitment in the universities in 2017-18. Last year, UGC made many heads turn when it banned the recruitment. The reason for that was to await the outcome of a case on implementing reservation in higher educational institutions

In many top universities in TN, 2 year ban on recruitment coupled with the retirement of the faculty staffs have resulted in reduction of the strength. Chennai based Anna University had not recruited any staffs from 2014 onwards and by May the vacancies have swelled to 230. As per the vice-chancellor of AU, Mr. Surappa, it is clear that syndicates approval has been taken for the recruitment of new faculty members. He hinted about the roster system that is being prepared.