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Today, Chennai city to receive light rains


Posted on : 10/Jul/2019 10:32:59

This summer has been extremely hot for the residents of Chennai with the temperatures close to 40 degree Celsius for majority of days. The amazing piece of information now is because of the break monsoon season effect Chennai city would get rains on Wednesday, 10th July.

On Tuesday evening and in the night, south based suburbs and few places belonging to north and west Chennai received rains. This has now given clue that the spell of rain that was scheduled to begin on 9th July is on track. Rain clouds began gathering over the suburbs by Tuesday afternoon and this has resulted in parts of Tambaram, OMR, Anna Nagar and parts of Anna Salai receiving rains in the evening.

It was predicted by the meteorological department that the condition of the sky would be generally cloudy and light rains would occur in some places in Chennai. Point to be noted is the maximum and minimum temperatures would be around 39 degree Celsius and 30 degrees Celsius respectively.

It must not be forgotten that break monsoon is the time when the monsoon trough moves closer to the foothills of Himalayas and there would be dip in the rain in most parts of India. During this break monsoon season in July and August, Chennai and other parts of TN usually get good amount of rains.

According to Chennai based weather blogger Mr. Pradeep John, break monsoon rain would start by 9th July would go on for a time of 10 days and there would be rains every alternate day. In the afternoon and at the nights, convective rains occur and this rain is triggered by high day temperatures. 

It is now brought out that Chennai city is likely to experience heat wave if there is no widespread rain. On Wednesday, the maximum temperatures would be 2 to 8 degrees in Chennai, Kancheepuram, Thiruvallur areas.