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WhatsApp is not getting banned or charged


Posted on : 05/Jul/2019 17:20:17

Globally, a huge population of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram users started raising complaints about the difficulties in sharing these platforms. And there came a statement from Facebook that the issue is due to a maintenance work and hat it will be fixed sooner.

In fact, there were a lot of fake messages that started getting spread. It stated that WhatsApp will soon get banned and that there will be no more free usage of WhatsApp.

There are also other claims that WhatsApp will be shut during the period 11.30 pm to 6 am every day. All of these are bogus information though.

Official sources have requested to ignore such rumors and fake messages being spread and have requested not to endorse or share such messages. Instead of forwarding such fake information, it is suggested that people inform this is fake news.

One such fake message is that WhatsApp will remain shut down for the period between 11.30 pm and 6 am as per the central government orders, and that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has insisted the same.

Following this, there were a lot of messages getting spread about WhatsApp that the accounts are to get deactivated. A certain sum of money should be paid for reactivating the user account. Likewise, there are a number of messages and rumors getting spread about WhatsApp recently.

Clarifying the same, a latest message from the central government says WhatsApp will continue to remain as a free platform and not be charged.

It is also to be noted clearly that WhatsApp that falls under the ownership of Facebook has not said any word about banning or charging its services. Also, the central government of India or the Google have not come up with such ideas or plans as these fake messages claim. In fact, this round of fake messages is not the first of its kind. There were previous circulations as well.

As far as the technical errors with Facebook and WhatsApp are considered, Facebook says this is because of a bug that resulted out of regular maintenance activities. Upon resolving the bug, the platforms have got back on track with proper functioning.

The issues on WhatsApp included inability share or download images their contacts.