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Chennai based Anna University is among top 50 young institutions in the world


Posted on : 05/Jul/2019 09:53:17

Tamil Nadu and Chennai in particular must feel happy and proud about this latest news. Information is Chennai based Anna University or AU has been placed among top 50 young institutions in the world now. This was according to the latest QS or Quacquarelli Symonds ranking for 2020. The amazing point here is AU is the only state run university present in the Under 50 category.

It is important to mention that other institutions that are above Anna University are IIT Guwahati and Jindal University. Anna University is now placed in 101 to 150 rank- band, and in the worlds universities it is now placed in the 751 to 800 rank- band.

Various factors that play an important role in the ranking of an institution are academic and employer reputation, faculty-student ratio, citation per faculty, international faculty and international student ratio.

In the research output, Anna University with a student strength of 15196 and academic faculty strength of 698 is rated very high. This AU has got many international students as well as international faculty. Information collected is the citation per faculty is 45.3. This was as per the vice-chancellor of AU, Mr. Surappa and it was the best among universities.

He spoke about how as many as 8 IIT`fs and IISC were ahead of AU and how IIT Bombay has got citation of 54.6 and is just ahead of AU. This citation could be improved and faculty- student ratio must be improved. Mr. Surappa later revealed that AU has not recruited any faculty for more than 2 years and as many as 250 faculty vacancies have not been filled inspite AU having a vice-chancellor.

Recently Supreme Court caught the attention of many when it gave verdict that university as a whole should be taken for reservation. This is against the state reservation policy. It should be taken into account that the state universities call for faculty positions and follow a departmental reservation or rotational policy that has been working smoothly till now. The professors now fear that the new rule could leave in disarray the entire recruitment process. Important information is the government till now did not announce its opinion on this matter.

It was pointed out by the vice-chancellor of AU, Mr. Surappa that, the ranking had failed to factor in the universities research programmes and service to the nation. Point to be noted is even IITs also have this same issue.