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Work from your homes says IT firms in Chennai to its employees


Posted on : 13/Jun/2019 10:06:38

Who doesnt want to work from the comfort of their own homes?

The amazing news that has emerged out now is IT firms located in the Old Mahabalipuram Road or OMR in Chennai have asked its employees to work from their homes now. It is important to mention that the lack of water to sustain operations is now cited as the main reason. 

The point is for the next 100 days the employees could work from their homes or from any other places of their convenience. The employers are now concerned about meeting their targets plus battling water shortage. Shocking information is it has not rained in the Chennai city for almost 200 days now and it is now said that Chennai might not get enough rain to overcome the water crisis for another 3 months of time.

The sources have confirmed now that as many as 5000 techies from as many as 12 IT firms have been directed to work from their homes. It must be taken into account that 4 years back the employees were asked to work from their homes due to strike by the private water tankers. Point to be noted here is OMR has got about 600 IT and ITES firms operating out of IT parks between TIDEL Park at Taramani and SIPCOT IT Park in Siruseri. There are many methods adopted by the IT firms to reduce water consumption now. One important piece of information collected is Ford Business Services at ELCOT in Sholinganallur had asked its employers to bring their own drinking water.

Mr. Varun Sridharan who is the co-founder cum CEO of Greenvironment Innovation, tech based water management start-up expressed his thoughts. He spoke about how companies are using treated water for almost 55 percent of their needs and monitoring real time use.

He further explained about the importance of managing sewage treatment plants efficiently. It was later mentioned by an administrative manager of an IT firm that they were not sure about how long the companies could function. Mr. Varun added that around 30 percent of property taxes go towards water and sewage but the results were absent. It must be noted that OMR needs 3 crores litres of water in a day in summer and most of the water is sourced from outside.

The point is 60 percent is used by IT firms plus other offices in OMR. Metro water department have been approached by the representatives of IT firms of OMR for support purpose. Inspite of the promises made, the officials did not keep up the promise.  It was later pointed out by an official belonging to SIPCOT that just one million litres of water is sourced from wells and the rest is got from water tankers.