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Smaller vehicles roped by metro water department to provide water and cut delay time


Posted on : 13/Jun/2019 10:05:51

Recently, it was mentioned that the metro water tankers have been delaying the water supply to the residents in many parts of Chennai and the delay sometimes goes even up to a month also.

The latest news now is the metro water department are now roping smaller vehicles with lesser carrying capacity to supply drinking water and to address the acute water crisis. The water resources as well as bore wells have gone dry in the last one month and the demand for water has worsened. To supply water throughout Chennai city, metro water department has planned to add 300 more vehicles to its already existing fleet of water tankers.

 It is now revealed that vehicles with capacity to carry 2000 litres of water and 3000 litres of water would be added to its fleet in another 1 week of time. It is superb to note that the number of trips by the water tankers would increase to 3500 in a day and the delay in the tanker supply against booking through Dial for water service would be reduced.

To enable the consumers to book water tankers by helpline 45674567, the number of telephone lines has been increased to 20 now. It was later pointed out by an official belonging to metro water department that steps were taken to prevent double booking and hacking of website etc.

The surprising information collected is metro water is operating as many as 9704 tanker trips every day to overcome the water crisis in Chennai city. The point is out of these 9704 trips as many as 3160 tanker trips are plied on payment basis.

It is now said that the existing water sources would help sustain Chennai water supply at the rate of 500 million litres till the month of November. Official mentioned that water would be supplied till the end of June month at the present volume of 525 mld. He finally revealed that the resources in Sikkayapuram quarries and Poondi reservoir would last for fortnight of time.

It is known that Veeranam tank has been supplying bulk volumes of water and there are plans to refill this tank. In addition to this, metro water is developing infrastructure to bring 10 mld water from the abandoned quarries at Erumaiyur to Chembarambakkam water treatment plant. By this end of June month, work to lay pipeline for a distance of 10 km would be completed.

It must not be forgotten that to transport water from Vellore, metro water department is also associating with TN Water Supply and Drainage Board and southern railways. The important information is the metro water has studied the feasibility of bringing 25 to 30 mld of water from Vellore through 50 wagon train from Jolarpet and Katpadi.