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Prices of vegetables in Chennai city have soared now


Posted on : 12/Jun/2019 10:04:32

The city of Chennai has been experiencing one of the worst summers now with water shortage coupled with severe heat. These have now resulted in the increase in the prices of the vegetables in Chennai. It is now said that the prices were expected to remain high for another month of time.

In the popular Koyambedu wholesale market, the prices of beans have increased to Rs 130 per kg from Rs 80. It must be noted that beans is being sold at the retail stores at Rs150 to Rs 160.

The shocking information is on Tuesday, 11th June 2019, the temperature was very high and it showed in the mercury crossing 40 degrees. In Numgambakkam the temperature recorded was 40.9 degree Celsius and at Meenambakkam the temperature recorded was 41.5 degree Celsius.

As there is shortage in the production of vegetables, most vegetable were sold at rates above Rs 50 per kg. From places like Udagamandalam and Karnataka, Koyambedu wholesale markets gets nearly 10 truckloads of beans. It must be noted that in June four truckload of beans were supplied. The prices of chow chow/ chayote is Rs 50 per kg in the wholesale market. Point to be noted is chow chow seeds need more water and the lack of water has deterred the farmers from cultivating this vegetable. This has resulted in shortfall now.

Produce from the neighbouring states mainly AP has dipped and this was later confirmed by Mr. P. Sukumar, treasurer, Koyambedu Vegetables, Fruits and Flower Traders Welfare Associations. He further spoke about how in the month of June every year Chennai city would witness increase in the prices of vegetables and how the prolonged dry spell has resulted in the abnormal hike in the prices now. The cost of some vegetables has now increased by as much as 30 percent also.

Mr. Sukumar concluded that normally 400 truckloads of vegetables would be received by Koyambedu market but now market has received just 250 truckloads of vegetables. The sales of the vegetables have been affected by this and the consumers prefer to buy low amounts now. Information is it would take another one month for the prices to become normal.