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To prevent cable damage, Tangedco takes steps now


Posted on : 12/Jun/2019 10:03:32

In this scorching summer, presence of continuous power supply is very important for the residents of Chennai. In the recent times, there have been many power disruptions in Chennai city and as result the Chennai residents are not happy.

The reason cited for the power disruptions in Chennai and its suburbs was due to number of infrastructure works like storm water drain construction, installation of metro water pipelines, construction of flyovers etc. The underground cables get damaged accidently by the contractors who are involved in the above mentioned works as they constantly dig the roads and this would lead to power disruptions. For the maintenance officials belonging to Tangedco or TN Generation and Distribution Corporation, the power disruptions caused due to feeder cables has become an issue.

The important point to be noted is the EB officials face the anger of the public for the cable damage done by the contractors. It is well known that the public want electricity to be restored immediately.

On 6th June 2019, a co-ordination meeting was organized by Tangedco at its headquarters and in the meeting officials belonging to Chennai Corporation, metro water and private telephone operators took part. This has shown that the senior officials of Tangedco want the issue to get solved smoothly. The meeting saw the presence of Mr. Vikram Kapur, chairman and MD of Tangedco.

According to a senior official belonging to Tangedco, the meetings agenda was to minimize power disruptions due to damage to the cable network by other civic agencies involved in the infrastructure works. It was decided at the meeting by the officials that the working plan for better coordination between the agencies would provide the solution. The information regarding various projects could be shared in various places in Chennai city.

It is worth mentioning here that the officials would share the project details highlighting the locality, date and other relevant information through social media group. Point is the local EB officials would be present to avoid damage to the power lines. It must not be forgotten that few years back GCC had organised CUMTA or Chennai Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority working committee meetings and in the meetings all civic agencies like MTC, Highways and CMDA took part.

It was pointed out by a senior official of GCC that CUMTA working committee meeting was used to discuss the planned civic projects. Actions that were needed to avoid any inconvenience to the public were also discussed in the meetings.