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Apple on WWDC 2019


Posted on : 04/Jun/2019 09:57:06

In the recent years, Apple is making its products including computers and mobile applications such that they are compatible across platforms. There are a lot of multi-tasking features being added to Apple devices including iPads and iPhones. These make it quite similar to working in computers. And there are a lot of mobile apps added to MacBook family.

In San Jose, the WWDC is all set to begin. And it is not going to be surprising to notice Apple to push for combing 2 streams, as it is focused on getting powerful on mobile devices.

What is that you can look forward to this time?  It is expected that iPads if not all, at least the high-end models will come along with mouse functions.

As far as the macOS is concerned, with the launch of iOs applications including News and Stocks, there are going to be a lot to look forward to in the WWDC 2019. This is an annual conference where Apple is expected to have inclined focus towards Project Marzipan.

As far as the software continuity is concerned, there is going to be a lot of competition where Apple will stay ahead. for example, it will allow users to attend phone calls right on their MacBook while they can also continue reading the article from another device. This will bring a lot more development on multi-device users.

However, the exact initiative by Apple is yet to be decided though. Post-event, it may be that the Podcasts and Book apps may get ended. Well, there is nothing to worry in such cases. There may be newer Apple apps. And there may also be third party  applications as Apple had announced previous year.

In fact, during the announcement of Windows 8, Microsoft wanted to do the same too. The sole aim is simply to have a single operating system that is compatible across devices so that it  gives enhanced user experience.