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Guide to buy and install the best solar inverter


Posted on : 29/May/2019 16:57:51

With the idea of installing solar inverter, you are not just doing good to your own home, but also for the environment. When you decide taking this step, you ought to be extra careful and choosy. For this, you need to spend a lot of time to understand the solar inverter models and the different aspects to keep in mind while buying.

Basically, solar panels help in converting DC into AC which means direct current into alternating current. This process is done using inverter. As individual benefit, installing solar panels help by reducing your electricity bill. Here below, let us discuss some of the important aspects you need to keep in mind while buying a solar panel with the combination of inverter.

What is your need?

List out your power requirements and the equipment and devices often used. The very basic requirements we have are fans, lights and laptop devices. These devices will be required even in the absence of conventional power source. So you have to understand the energy requirement in such indispensable devices. The solar panel you buy should easily cater to the functioning electricity demand of these devices.

Check out the rating

Often times, VA rating and watt rating are often confused by both vendors as well as sellers. Watt is nothing but the unit of power the equipment uses. VA is the power requirement that the equipment totally receives. As a buyer, you need to understand the difference between the two. In general, the VA rating that caters to power needs of the equipment must be 706VA-940VA.

You also need to be specific about the VA rating, as with lesser rating, the device may cause tripping of the inverter out of overload.

You also need to take a look at certification. These will give you proper information about safety of using the solar inverter. It shall give you clear idea whether it abides by the standards as proposed by solar power generating organizations.

Some of the notable certifications given for solar inverters are

IEC 62116 - Anti-islanding

EC 62109 for safety

IEC 61683 for efficiency

IEC 60068 for environmental aspects

EN 61000 - EMC

IEC 60529 - for ingres protection

While buying the inverter, you should look for such h ratings and codes to understand the quality and inverter capacity.

Additional measures

Solar inverters usually come with good lifetime, but you should also ensure its proper functionality and need for annual servicing. For this, you should consult with a qualified technician and get the inverter checked. Importantly, you should make sure that there are servicing experts to attend to the inverter in case of any repairing requirement.

First of all, check the inverter for its proper functioning at times of voltage fluctuations. A good inverter should cope with voltage fluctuations in the range 120V to 260V. Also check whether the inverter will be capable of supplying power to heavy load equipment such as washing machine or AC. In addition, make sure that the solar inverter is always safe for use along with short circuit protection and protection for IP and battery.

At present, there is a lot of current shedding taking place everywhere. There is more power shortage. Hence the inverter you look for must be a sustainable option. An inverter is called a good one when it provides best solution and also extends excellent quality.