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Power disruptions in many parts of Central Chennai


Posted on : 21/May/2019 09:57:24

On Sunday, 19th May, there were power disruptions and it caused issues for the residents belonging to places like Kilpauk, Anna Nagar, Ayanavaram, Purasawalkam etc. This has resulted in sleepless nights for these residents. The important information is for some residents there was not any power available throughout the entire night and for others there were frequent power disruptions for hour of time.

It is well known that this is peak summer time and these power disruptions have made the lives of many residents very difficult.  In Chennai, Taylors Road in Kilpauk is a very important residential locality and the residents of this place complained about lack of power throughout the night time. It must be noted that in Kellys, the residents had faced power cuts from 11pm and 12 am and again from 1 am to 2 am.  As per an official at the distribution line it was clear that there was no power supply from the main line. There have been sleepless nights for 2 months and this as per the local officials.

An engineer belonging to Tangedco expressed his thoughts. He explained about how during the election campaigns the department faced many issues regarding power and how now the staffs of corporation have been creating issues by digging storm water drains and it has resulted in puncturing of the lines. The officials have pointed out that the corporation staffs used earth movers to dig and puncture the power carrying lines. It must be noted that the storm water drains have been dug all over Kilpauk during the night time.

According to an engineer of Tangedco, in the recent times the civic staffs have punctured as many as 3 cables on the P. H. Road and New Avadi road. The main point here is the civic staffs do not even bother to inform about these punctures and it is the Tangedco team members who go about identifying the punctures present in various streets. The important information is Tangedco officials have complained this issue to police and corporation and it is revealed that the puncturing of the power lines has been present since 2 weeks of time.

On Sunday night, the grid line from north Chennai failed due to Corona Effect. It was believed that severe humidity coupled with sea breeze and industrial pollution in Manali had resulted in grid failure. The important piece of news now is the Corona Effect could result in grid failures till the end of the summer.