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In TN, students who have cleared all the first semester engineering subjects is very less


Posted on : 21/May/2019 09:54:26

In the first semester examinations of January 2019, one in four engineering students belonging to Tamil Nadu cleared all the subjects. It is now said that the performances of the students now have gone down when compared to the last year.

The shocking piece of information is just 25.33 percent students have cleared all the subjects and in the last year 40 percent students cleared all the subjects of first semester. As many as 81,178 students belonging to 481 colleges affiliated to Anna University appeared for the first year semester examinations and out of these just 20,562 students cleared all the subjects.

Point is tough engineering maths-1 question paper plus the quality of the students has been cited as the reasons for the poor performances of the students by the principals and professors of the engineering colleges. In the last year the pass percentage in engineering maths was more than 40% and now it has come down to31.15%.

According to a mathematics professor, the class 12 students coming out of the schools have poor knowledge in basic concepts.  He threw light on how the differential calculus plays a huge role in the engineering mathematics syllabus for the first year engineering students. He spoke about how this differential calculus topic was in class 11 and most of the students do not understand the concepts.

It was later pointed out by a professor that the bridge courses conducted to help the students in understanding the basic concepts were useful up to a certain extent only. It must be taken into account that the engineering physics and engineering chemistry had better pass percentage of 55.46 % and 68.55% respectively.

As per the principal of SRM Valliammal Engineering College, Mr. Chidambara Rajan, every year the quality of students coming into engineering stream has been coming down. He was of the view that the school education needs to be strengthened. To prepare the students for the higher education, the teachers as well as schools must train the students properly in all the topics.

Another principal spoke about the mismatch between the school and engineering education. He explained how the students who have scored above 90 % in maths are finding it difficult to do long divisions. He threw light on how in the past the gap was overcome by moderation plus by liberal evaluation and how at present the moderation has been scrapped and it showed the true quality of the students.