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Google knows what you are buying


Posted on : 20/May/2019 09:38:32

As you share your Gmail id to track your online orders, it is certain that Google is constantly keeping track of each one of the online purchase you make. A user can easily refer to his history of online purchases made in the last 5 years. According to Google page statement, it will be possible only for the user to refer to his transaction history. Google extends complete protection and security to your transaction and its history.

Of course, there are measure to delete your transaction history from Google, but the process is quite tricky. To remove a transaction, you should click open the entire history of purchases and select the list of purchases from Google i.e. Gmail which you have provided as your email confirmation system.

Google will intimate whether the purchase is present on Gmail. Following this, you can click on got it or view email. This will then take you to your Gmail account from where the respective mail can be deleted.

Each one of your purchase is easily tracked, be it from Google Express or Google Play Store, or others made using Smart Assistant. In his view about this, a Google Spokesperson says this facility is set up in order to help users in knowing their history of transactions.

These data are not used for sending promotional emails or ads, he further clarifies. There are also changes made on its shopping hub through which customers can directly make their purchase from Google. Sooner, google will also allow users to make online purchases to shop from YouTube videos.

In addition, Google has also made rebranding of its Home products, thus making a new Nest brand. The Nest Hub Max is introduced as the first phase of its new lineup. This comes with digital photo frame backed with Google Photos. There will be a complete home dashboard with full access across all the connected devices.