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By December, work on Retteri flyover work to get completed


Posted on : 15/May/2019 09:41:50

Located in the Kolathur in Chennai, Retteri is grabbing the attention now. It is now revealed that the work on the second flyover on the Jawaharlal Salai (Inner Ring Road) is expected to be completed by the month of December. The point to be noted is out of 27 spans the work on 20 spans have been completed and in another month of time the work on the obligatory span over the actual junction would be completed.

Traffic from Madhavaram side to Padi side would be possible by this Rs 41.07 crore unidirectional flyover. The unidirectional flyover would be 1320 m in length- longer than 740 m long flyover and it would be allowing traffic in the opposite direction. It was later pointed out by some official sources that the flyover work got slowed down because of issues like design challenges, shifting of EB lines and poles etc. As a result of these changes, the cost got revised plus the deadline for completing of the work also got shifted. In the beginning the amount of Rs 29.13 crores were thought to be sufficient.

The official hinted about how the department have programmed the works to be completed by December. It is known that pedestrian subway is also being constructed along with the flyover. The important information is this work on the pedestrian subway would be over in few months of time.

The official threw light on how the pedestrian traffic at the junction is very high. This is due to the presence of hundreds of commercial establishments on the Perambur-Red Hills Road. It is known that this Perambur-Red Hills Road intersects with the Jawaharlal Nehru Salai. It is now said that the work beneath both the flyovers have been completed. The point to be noted is the traffic has to be diverted because the connection under the road has to take place and it requires time.

Speedy completion of the flyover work is very important for those residents as well as motorists using the Ring Road are known. A resident belonging to Perambur expressed his thoughts. He spoke about how in the evenings the traffic was worst. He highlighted that on the muhurtham days the situation gets ever worse due to traffic due to the presence of many wedding halls in the place. Resident finally spoke about how the completion of the work would be good as it would reduce the traffic.

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