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Chennai city to have first unmanned substation


Posted on : 13/May/2019 09:51:29

The superb piece of news that has emerged out now is Tamil Nadu Distribution and Generation Corporation or Tangedco has identified a substation and it would be upgraded into an unmanned substation. By this the city of Chennai would have its first unmanned substation.

The important point is just a year back a 33 kilo volt KV/11KV substation was constructed at the heart of the central business district of Anna Salai near the Express Mall on Woods Road. It is now said that this substation has been selected for the up-gradation. The plan to opt for an unmanned substation was later confirmed by a senior official belonging to Tangedco. He spoke about how the principal approval for upgrading the substation was sanctioned. He explained how once the substation becomes unmanned then there would not be any need for posting staffs and how it could be operated remotely.

According to the official it is clear that several substations have been already linked through SCADA or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition situated at Tangedco headquarters. It must be noted that minor modifications would be required for monitoring and controlling the substations with minimal human interventions. The information collected is the project is planned to be executed on pilot basis and would be expanded later. Finally it would be adopted at important substations in phases all over the city of Chennai.

It was later pointed out by an official belonging to the electricity department that this would be first substation in Chennai that would be converted into an unmanned substation. He then shed light on how there are many substations in Tamil Nadu in places like Dindigul, Madurai and Tirunelveli etc that have been functioning in a similar manner. It is important to mention that the unmanned substation concept is similar to the successful working model of the Power Grid Corporation India Limited or PGCIL.