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5 different ways of data transfer between your computer and Android device


Posted on : 08/May/2019 18:56:21

Let us quickly look at some of the most common and simplest ways of data transfer between a laptop or personal computer and your Android smartphone device. While we are presenting to you all the possible ways of transfer, it is up to you to choose the best according to the file size and type.

Direct transfer using USB cable

Most of the older versions of USB cables have almost gone obsolete with the introduction of USB-C cables that are advanced. It makes data transfer utmost easy and convenient. So how do you make use of these cables?

Check out

1. Connect the phone and PC using a USB cable

2. There will be a notification popping up on your smartphone device where it indicates charge through USB.

3. Click on the option to transfer files and go on transferring the data from your computer or laptop to your smartphone

Convenient cloud storage

There are several types of Cloud storage accounts available for you. For example, Google provides you with free memory of up to 15GB. To make use of it, you need Google Drive on your Android device. There are other kinds of cloud storage such as Dropbox or OneDrive which are available on web version, desktop version and also android version.

Go on and sign into your cloud storage and get your files backed up on them.

For instance, on Google Drive, go on and  sign in and opt for file back up. Then choose the option called Click Next. Here you will have advanced settings. Now opt for Synch my drive. Once this is done, your computer will automatically create a folder called Google Drive. When you need a file on the Android device, all you need to do is upload the same file on Google Drive in your computer.

Mails and messaging

Coming on to Gmail, the limit is 25MB per email. There are other apps like WeTransfer where you can transfer up to 2GB of memory without any fees or additional charges. For this, you will have to provide your email id. Just drag and drop the desired file and you can go ahead and hit the Send button. The file will remain on your wetransfer profile for up to 1 week without deletion.

Transfer with Bluetooth

In case of smaller files, you may choose to transfer using Bluetooth. For this, the two devices should be paired with each other. Enter settings and click on devices. H Here, you should turn the Bluetooth toggle button on. Also ensure that the Bluetooth setting on your smartphone is turned on. When you want to connect with any other Bluetooth device, you can click on search for nearby devices. Now you can start sharing your files via Bluetooth from computer to smartphone and also receive files from your phone.

Transfer using Wi-Fi

This is the most common option of transferring large files. There are a lot of online portals for Wi-Fi data transfer such as pushbullet. This has to be installed on your phone. Click on the web browser in your computer or laptop. Here, you can notice QR code. Open the same and scan it. This will initiate a wireless connection between the phone device and laptop device. This procedure should be followed each and every time you wish to make a transfer.

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