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Unbelievable features of Google Assistant you need to know


Posted on : 08/May/2019 16:56:29

The present age Google Assistant is cloud-based which means you need internet connectivity to make use of it. It requires whopping 100GB of storage space. The new version of the same will be compressed into 500 MB or just 0.5 GB neutral network. And when your phone has neutral engine, it will be possible for you to perform offline tasks as well which means you can work even without internet connection.

So how can you make best use of your Google Assistant? Here are a few ideas :

You can integrate your Google Assistant with your car :
You can easily get your Google Assistant integrated with your car. That done, it can work in-line with your smart car. It will then be possible to turn on the AC in your car while you are not even present inside the car. So you can enjoy the chilled car as you enter after a hot, sunny outdoor work.

Reserve a restaurant or rent a car with Google Assistant :
Using Google Duplex, there are a lot of tasks that can be done including renting of car to go on a solo trip and reserving a dining table for your restaurant visit and do many more activities. And in fact, Google Assistant can draft mail letters for you. Cant believe?

Better experiencing on searching :
It is likely that Google will soon be implementing AR on its search results. AR is nothing but augmented reality. Once this is implemented, Google users will be able to get deeper look at say for instance, a crocodile just the way they look in real.

Get better translated results :
There is smart translation facility implemented on Google Lens. U sing this, one can very easily translate any signboard or menu. In fact, the translated script can also be dictated for you.

Caveat :
While the aforementioned uses may look fancy, there are a lot of features currently under testing and there are a few of these being available on Google Pixel smartphones. So, if you are impressed with these, go on and rush to grab your Google Pixel smartphone as it enters the market.
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