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Tips to beat the heat this summer


Posted on : 04/Apr/2019 19:18:09

In the past few days, the Chennai city is sizzling with prickly hot summer. The average temperature in the city ranges between 35 and 36 degree Celsius. This is the peak season of summer when we need to take a lot of precautionary measures in order to protect ourselves from dehydration and other kinds of heat-related exhaustion or ailments like heat strokes.

Recently, a guideline is rolled out by the Directorate of Public Health and Preventive Medicine. This shares note as to how we can keep ourselves protected from the summer-induced complications. It states that newborn babies and pregnant women and aged people will be largely affected by this excessive heat. They may experience extreme thirst, fatigue, dizzy feeling, lesser urination, etc. So, they say it is advisable to take water bottles wherever they go. 

Basically, it is better to stay indoors. Drink water even when you dont feel so thirsty. Reduce intake of hot beverages. Consume more of tender coconut water, butter milk, lime juice, and rehydration solutions orally. There may be multiple kinds of illness caused by heat, especially among geriatric and pediatric age group children.

Muscle cramps or headache are very common in those who sweat out more. When you experience dehydration and leave it unattended, it may cause heat strokes. Always make sure to carry an umbrella, especially during peak hours of the sun between 11 am and 3 pm.

Consume enough amount of water failing which it is likely to experience burning sensation while you urinate. You may give bath to your children in the evening time after their play time gets over. Note that the children will be prone to infections as they keep wearing sweaty clothes. For any kind of health-related assistance, people may seek help from the health department at the toll-free number 104. 

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