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Chennai residents to get relief from the scorching sun due to sea breeze


Posted on : 03/Apr/2019 09:45:57

The news is for the next 2 days, the residents belonging to the Chennai city might get some relief from the increase in the temperatures and hot winds. It is sad to mention here that this does not mean cooler weather as the day temperatures would continue to remain above average for a month.

Nungambakkam recorded 34 degree Celsius on Tuesday and this temperature is close to the normal. Those people living in the Chennai suburbs experienced slightly hot day as the temperature at Meenambakkam recorded 36.1 degree Celsius.

It is said that the day temperatures would continue to be 2 to 4 degree Celsius above average in the north interior parts of TN. Areas that are closer to the sea coast had relief because of the sea breeze as this sea breeze has brought down the temperatures to bearable levels. This point was later confirmed by the officials belonging to the meteorological department.

On Tuesday, other places in TN like Madurai, Salem, Vellore and Tiruttani etc were extremely hot as the temperatures remained close to 40 degree Celsius. The superb news is easterly winds are expected to prevail for 2 days and as a result of that there would be temporary relief for the Chennai residents from the scorching sun and heat. This was confirmed by Mr. K. Balachandran who is the deputy director general of meteorology, Chennai.

He then explained about how the districts such as Krishnagiri, Namakkal and Karur would have very hot climate. It is worthy to note that there is not much moisture in the atmosphere and cool easterly winds would not penetrate in the interior areas. There would be change in the wind direction and as a result of this the temperature would increase again. The skies would be partly clear in the morning and then would be clear later on.

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