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Pizzas vs Productivity at work. What does the study say?


Posted on : 16/Mar/2019 12:32:17 PM

There is no doubt that you are going to be physically and mentally struggled as you are bound to work for long hours! There is no denying to the fact that a yummy food can motivate you to perform better at work with increased focus. It can perhaps be a cup of coffee or just your favorite cookie. Speaking about favorite foods to snack while working, pizzas can never be missed. They are rich in calorie, but still these cannot be skipped when your taste buds ask for something delicious amidst your work hours.

Hey, wait, you have something to justify your craving for pizza while at work! A recent study states that you can show better productivity by eating pizza at work yeah! In fact the study recommends employers to give out pizzas if they want to increase their employee retention.

Pizza vs productivity

American psychologist Dan Ariely decided to analyze the work patterns in various companies. For this, a research factory was set up in Israel. In the beginning of the week, the workers were said that they will be offered with incentives for their performance. Then 3 choices were given to them which were

  • Free pizza
  • Bonus money
  • Compliment from the hands of boss

Out of the entire group of employees, a large group of them selected to go with Pizzas and then followed by compliment for work and then stood money.

The discovery

For 1 week, the pattern of productivity of all the employees were kept track of. By end of the week, there was substantial increase in productivity of the range 6.7 percent among those who had pizzas. In the group that wanted compliment, there was 6.6 percent increase in productivity. The least productivity was observed in the group that had money as incentive. In fact, there was 13 percent reduced productivity.

So ultimately, money is not the primary motivator at work. The biggest need surpassing the importance of money is food! Furthermore, the study found that one can get motivated and energized to work harder with increased efficiency by getting compliments. So, closely, compliments as well as food showed quite the same effect in increasing overall productivity.

So why not work harder and increase your productivity now? Why not have a bite of pizza?
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