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To widen the 450m stretch of Ennore and Manali road, works started


Posted on : 14/Mar/2019 10:17:00

The information collected is after an inordinate delay, work to widen the 450 m stretch of the Ennore-Manali Road Improvement Project or EMRIP inside the fishing harbour has started.

It was in the year 2011 that the foundation stone for the Rs 600 crores project to provide connectivity to the ports in Ennore and Chennai was laid. This was done by widening 4 roads in north Chennai is known. Not many of us would know that this project was announced way back in the year 1998. The point is as the Chennai port has to provide an alternative space for the fishers as it took some time to hand over the final stretches that passes through fish shops and fish drying areas etc .

It is worthy to note that the fishing harbour comes under the control of the port and Ennore Expressway provides the final connectivity to the Chennai port. NHAI or National Highways Authority of India has widened the roads such as Tiruvottiyur-Ponneri-Panchetty Road, Manali Oil Refinery Road, Ennore Expressway and the northern sector of the Inner Ring Road.

The information got from the sources belonging to NHAI is the work to widen the 450 m stretch would take 6 months of time to get finished. According to an official, first land must be handed over to them. He spoke about how the present road inside was very narrow and how the road requires widening. The point to be taken into account is on daily basis thousands of trailer trucks take these roads to reach Chennai port. The lack of space inside has made these trailer trucks to wait in a long queue to get entry passes to the port.

On 20th February 2019, tolling began at the Mathur area and this inspite of the protests by the residents and truckers. Important piece of information is an amount of Rs 35 would be collected for cars, jeeps, vans etc for a single trip. Likewise amount of Rs 55 would be collected for light commercial vehicles, Rs 115 for buses and trucks and Rs 125 for vehicles with 3 axles, Rs 180 would be collected for those vehicles with 4 to 6 axles etc.