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Pedestrians not happy about the smart bikes system in Anna Nagar


Posted on : 14/Mar/2019 10:00:28

Just two weeks back smart bikes were launched in Anna Nagar and it became the talk of the town. The latest news is these smart bikes have taken over the footpaths in Anna Nagar and due to this the pedestrians are finding it very difficult now. The pedestrians have now started to walk on the carriageway. It is important that these smart bikes are given spaces and this has been confirmed by few activists.

Across as many as 14 locations in Anna Nagar, civic body launched smart bikes is well known. It is now brought out that the footpaths near Vellammal School on the second avenue plus the footpaths near the Bougainvilla Park and the ones near Crescent Ground Park have been taken over by the shared cycle stations. This has now made many pedestrians unhappy.

One more issue that was pointed out is the boards inscribed with Smart Bike attached next to the bike stations took up atleast half a meter of space. Important point is the Smart Bike board is very thick and it occupies plenty of space on the footpaths thereby making it tough for the pedestrians.

A civic activist expressed few things openly and said new schemes are always welcome but must not put the pedestrians life difficult and risky. It is now revealed by the civic activist that instead of encroaching public space, the corporation should have taken up the responsibility of providing dedicated and separate space for bike sharing system. It must be noted that footpaths must provide the pedestrians a minimum of 1.5 m to 1.8 m of clear space.

The point is as per the sources in the smart bike project it is clear that the concerns about the bike stations encroaching were raised in the initial stages. It must be taken into account that no thought was put into assigning station locations. When the project began, there were plans to provide these stations with designated parking spaces under the smart parking management system but was not carried out. At the spots where there was high land use and good crowd, the bike stations were provided.