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An Eco-park at Paruthipattu Lake in Chennai to draw many visitors


Posted on : 14/Mar/2019 09:52:50

Many Chennai residents have now got an amazing reason to rejoice. The important point is Paruthipattu Lake near Avadi in Chennai would soon be visited by many people and it would be the most sought after recreational place. Officials expressed their thoughts about this and spoke about how the work to improve the Paruthipattu Lake as an eco-park similar to the one in Chetpet would be completed in the end of this March.

It is normal to see many people go for morning walks these days for the sake of their health and to get fresh air etc. It is said that 3 km long walking track around the bund is ready and many residents have started using the portion of the lake for their walks in the morning. Since the eco-restoration project has been in the finishing stages, this Paruthipattu Lake now sports a new amazing look. Point to be noted is this water body or lake is situated over 22 hectares of land.

It is known that suburbs like Avadi etc in Chennai do not have many entertainment facilities like Chennai city and people find it very difficult. It is revealed now that this upcoming eco-park in Avadi located around 23 kms from Chennai city would be tremendous for these people for their social gatherings etc. Now many feel that this upcoming eco-park in Paruthipattu Lake near Avadi could be used as a second eco-park in Chennai and its neighborhood when this eco-park gets opened.

The renovation of this lake was long pending one and this has been confirmed by the residents of Avadi now. Travelling to Chennai city or Thiruvallur were the only ways for recreation for the people here and this was later confirmed by none other than Mr. E. Anbu who is the vice-chairman Federation of Consumer Organisations. This eco-park has been implemented by WRD or Water Resources Department and is worth of amount of Rs 28 crores. It was pointed out by the officials of WRD that most works were completed but the playing area for the kids and seating arrangement around the lake and walking track were still pending.