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Distribution of meals to the needy by Chennai based food bank


Posted on : 13/Mar/2019 10:26:20

There are many people in India who find it difficult to get food even once in a day and they just starve. The starvation could lead to death finally is known. This starvation is regarded now as one of the most important issues in India.

The latest news is on Tuesday, 12th March 2019, Chennai Food bank announced that it would be providing 11,11,111 meals to the needy persons in Chennai. On 17th of March, in the University of Madras, a fund raising event has been organized and the proceedings from this event would be donated towards the initiative.

There would be a 90 minute talk regarding spiritual enlightenment of an individual and Mahatria from Infinitheism would be delivering this speech. The important piece of information collected is the event would start at 6 pm in the evening and the audience must assemble by 5:45 pm.  It must be noted that those who are late would not be allowed.

According to Mr. G.D. Ranka, founder chairman Chennai Food bank, the donor passes would be from Rs 1000 to Rs 10000. It has been nearly 26 years since this Chennai Food bank was started and it is a non-profitable voluntary organization. Rajasthan Youth Association Madras Metro Trust or RYAMMT was responsible for starting this amazing food bank. The sensational news is this trust has supported 65 institutions and it has played an important role in the distribution of as many as 3.5 crore meals for the needy.

Mr. Sudhir Kankaria, managing trustee of RYAMMT, expressed his thoughts. He explained about how with the commencement of the 26th year in 2019 their trust had decided to provide 11.11.111 meals to the needy. He then hinted that this would be possible only with the support of the forthcoming event. Another interesting piece of information is during the event there would also be the launch of Chennai Food bank silver jubilee souvenir. In this book the entire 25 years journey of this Chennai Food bank would be available. By calling 8508752222 or 8508419999, tickets for the event could be purchased or it could be purchased from book my show website also.