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Under the new syllabus, plus- 1 maths exam was very difficult in TN


Posted on : 13/Mar/2019 10:16:39

Students normally fear about getting tough question papers in their examinations. This is the first board examination under the new syllabus for the plus- 1 students in TN. The fear of the students came true yesterday when the plus- 1 students who wrote the mathematics paper found the paper very difficult. Shocking piece of information is many students after completing the mathematics examination left the exam hall in tears.

It was revealed by the students that the 2 marks and 3 marks sections were so tough that it took them more time to solve those questions. Hence the students could not finish the examination in the allotted two and half hours of time.

In this year board examinations there were questions that came from inside the chapters also and this made the students uncomfortable. Normally board examinations would have one mark questions from the book back questions is known.

A student spoke about how the 2 marks and 3 marks questions were based on the concepts and not direct ones. He added that only those students who know the concepts well could answer those questions. It was pointed out by another student that only few 5 marks questions were direct questions.

As per a teacher belonging to Pudukottai, differential calculus, integral calculus was given more importance whereas topics like trigonometry etc was not given much importance while selecting the questions. The important point is the model papers issued by the school education department and half yearly and quarterly exams were totally different from the annual examination papers.

According to the headmaster belonging to the government school, this is the first board examination under the new syllabus. The examination was made doubly difficult because the directorate of board examinations had scrapped the blueprint method. He finally highlighted that the students have to study 2 volumes to get good marks in the examination.