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Soon there would be 5 food plazas at Chennai Central station


Posted on : 11/Mar/2019 10:02:42

Chennai citys most popular Central railway station is highly used by many and is one of the largest in India. Inspite of these Chennai Central station did not have any food plazas for around 2 and half years. The information that has emerged out now is soon as many as 5 food plazas would be coming up in this popular railway station in Chennai.

A senior official hinted that within 30 days atleast 2 food plazas would be present in the Chennai Central station and it would be highly beneficial for the people. It has been confirmed by the sources in the agency that IRCTC or Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation had finalized the tenders for the food plazas.

Selling foods at market rates would be carried out by these upcoming food plazas in Chennai Central. It is already known that railways run stalls or Jan Aahar and offer food at subsidized rates for the people. In addition there would also be brands selling biriyani, pizzas, plus other south Indian foods coming up in this station in Chennai.

People regularly going to Chennai Central station would not have forgotten that in the year 2015 Central station, that has a daily footfall of 3 lakhs people, had major food plaza on the new concourse and a smaller food plaza opposite to the bigger one. It must be noted that many big brands that served delicacies from fast foods to south Indian items had their outlets there.

The shocking piece of news is a bureaucratic war between IRCTC officials and southern railways were responsible for tender not taking off and not going forward to the next stage. The important point is in the month of August in 2016, the term for the contractor operating smaller food plaza Ratna cafe got finished and a new contractor TFS or Travel Food Services won the succeeding tender.

There were many disagreements between SR and TFS and as a result of that the work on the plaza was delayed for more than a year. Just few months back everything became normal between the above mentioned parties and the work on the food plaza began.