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Pleasant climate in Chennai for the next few days


Posted on : 05/Feb/2019 09:28:33

Here comes a superb piece of news for the Chennai residents. On Monday, 4th February 2019 afternoon, some parts of Chennai city got light drizzle and it was a huge relief for the people as it came after a prolonged dry spell. The latest news is a trough of low pressure that is formed near Sri Lanka would keep the skies over Chennai city overcast but bring little rain. The climate would be pleasant for the next few days. It is revealed that the southern parts of TN would receive little rain due to the same system.

A senior official belonging to the weather department spoke about how the mild rain in some parts of Chennai city in the forenoon and afternoon for a short time was not strong enough to be recorded by the weather stations of regional meteorological department. He added that there was 2mm to 3mm of rain near Sri Lanka.

The important information collected is the day temperatures across north Tamil Nadu including Chennai would be kept low due to the effects of trough of low at mean sea level over southwest Bay of Bengal and adjoining equatorial Indian Ocean off the Sri Lankan. Point is easterly winds would ensure that this would take place. The trough was present too far down the south was the reason cited by the meteorological department officials for the drizzle not turning into heavy spell of rain.

It was brought out that the sky condition for the next 2 days in Chennai city would be cloudy and the maximum temperature would be around 31 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature would be around 25 degree Celsius. Inspite of the temperature touching 30 degree Celsius on Monday it was not an inconvenient weather in Chennai because of the strong breeze and overcast sky. The point to be noted here is due to the cold weather conditions prevailing in the north Indian regions nippy weather would continue in Chennai for the week. It is now said that the reason for cold nights was due to cold winds blowing in from northern parts of India.