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5 Amazing ideas to best design your living room


Posted on : 23/Jan/2019 15:17:14

Often times when you decide to design your home all by yourself, you will end up with a lot of hassles and confusions as you are not a pro. But you still can work like a pro and get your very own home designed all afresh! Here are a few aspects to keep in mind:

What is the color scheme?

A room should basically look cohesive. This is possible with a unified theme of colors. Also, you will be sure that the works are going on well and there is nothing that you miss out on designing. So, what are the things you need to consider while fixing a color theme? The pillow cover, bedsheets, bureau, wardrobe, wall hangings, rugs, artworks, furniture, etc. Also, the wall color, ceiling color, tile, flooring and others are also to be considered. With a neutral color in the wall, there is more flexibility you enjoy as you can decide on the other room color tones with even more ease.

Keep in mind about the other rooms

The chances of getting consumed with just a single room is too high. But you are not painting the room within a bubble. So always stay connected with the rest of the rooms so that you ensure consistency in ambience all over. Let us assume this: how about stepping out of a pale yellow shaded room into a bright red one? Ah, that will be so inconsistent, isn’t it? There can certainly be transitions, but those should be cohesive too.

Of course, painting all your rooms in the same color is going to give a feel of boredom, but there should be perfect coordination of rooms among one another. To put in a nutshell, the entire home should have a constant rhythm maintained.

Start with the fundamentals

While designing your room, go on and start with the fundamentals such as the basic necessities of a particular room. For example, in a bedroom, the bedroom furniture is going to be the building block. So this must be your ultimate factor of focus. Your choice of these fundamentals should be such that they are timeless meaning they never get outdated in trend after few years down the line.

The crafts in your room should be ever-lovable. It is not that they should be contemporary in look, but should be such that you love it forever and ever.

Lighting is of prominent importance

This is something you tend to forget a lot of times. Based on the location of windows and room size, you should set up the position of lighting and lamp placement as it can make a whole lot of difference to the living room. It is important that you decide on the room lighting as the last step after completely finishing the other designing parts.

Embellishments and adorning

Picking the best accessories for your room will be the last step to do. It is in fact going to be simple and easy as you can quickly zero in on a flower vase that matches with your furniture or a wall hanging to get enhanced in your room lighting, or a fine art to hang in the hall.

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