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Types of idli in Tamil Nadu


Posted on : 25/Dec/2018 18:34:41

If you are so health conscious and calculate your calorie count and health values of each and every dish you intake, here is one recipe that is unanimously healthy to all of you! Right from babies as young as 6 months until age old people, Idli is a very healthy, tasty dish to imbibe on. It is done in many different ways by various people and served with various accompaniments like Chutney, Kuruma, etc.

The reason why Idli is ideal for all age groups is that it is made by steaming. And the idli batter is fermented and hence it is rich in probiotics.

So here we have different varieties of idli we prepare in Tamil Nadu.

The regular idli

The regular idli is made using idli rice and urad dal along with a spoon full of fenugreek seeds.

Poha idli

Poha is nothing but flattened rice. It is often had all alone as a snack. Poha along with rice and Urad Dal is grinded into a fine idli batter. The benefit of making idli using poha is that the idlis will be super-soft and nice to eat. Like regular idli, this can be served along with chutney or kuruma.

Rava idli

This idli makes use of rava or semolina. This does not require any kind of grinding. The rava idli will be coarse in nature unlike the regular idli varieties.

Oats Idli

Oats idli is a recipe often recommended for people who are diabetic. It does not have any sugar content in it and hence ideal for everyone. Preparing this type of idli does not involve fermenting.

Instant idli

There are instant idli mix which can be used for emergency needs. When you don’t have enough time to make the idli batter, you can try your hands on these idli mix. They are readily available in the stores.

Ragi idli

This is a very healthy and nutritious variety of idli as we make it using ragi or also known as finger millet. For this you need parboiled rice and Urad dal as well. Also there are instant ragi idli recipes as well.

Instant poha idli

For this, there is no kind of fermentation required. It is also easy to prepare. When made using poha, the idlis become very soft and fluffy too.

Kanchipuram idli

In this type of Idli, we do the tempering to the idli batter using mustard seeds, urad dal, ginger, green chillies, and pepper. This variety of idli does not require any separate accompaniment like chutney or sambar.

Cooked rice idli

When rice is excessive at home, you can start making idlis out of it. This, along with urad dal should be grinded into a fine paste to make idli.

Thinai idli

This is one more type of idli that is made using thinai, a type of millet. This again has got a lot of nutritional value and a lot of health benefits.

Podi idli

Podi idli is prepared by making tiny sized idlis and sprinkling idli podi on it. And the mixture is roasted in a pan to make the idlis crisp.