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Superstar Rajinikanth 69th birthday today (12th Dec)


Posted on : 12/Dec/2018 11:39:31

Today, Wednesday, 12th December is the 69th birthday of the uncrowned emperor of the film world, the superstar Rajinikanth. All of us are aware that he started his career as a bus conductor and then progressed to the peak of a famous and prosperous life growing to be a ‘superstar’ in the film industry. 

The very 1st appearance of Rajinikanth is his maiden movie, released in the year 1975, still remains vivid – the movie is ‘Apoorva Ragangal’ – Superacor Kamal Hassan was the hero of this film – the scene depicts Kamal Hassan opening the gate of the residence for Rajinikanth! Symbolically, the doors as they opened may indicate the entry of the superstar and then, the gates have remained open forever.

At the start of his film career, Rajinikanth acted in small roles and as a villain in several movies. The real break came with the film, Moondru Mudichu directed by K. Balachander.

The film, ‘Ilamai Oonjal Aadukirathu’, gave he scope for Rajinikanth to act as the 2nd hero alongside Kamal Hassan.

With the much acclaimed film, appreciated by the average fans as well as the critics, ‘Mullum Malarum’ (directed by Mahendran), Rajini acted in the role of Kali, a unique character with a rough exterior and a soft interior, offered a new dimension of acting to Rajinikanth who put up a splendid performance and won universal accolade.

After this, the subsequent films showed Rajinikanth as an ‘action hero’ and as an experienced character actor. 

His action, reflecting his unique sense of humour, became hugely popular with all categories of film buffs. 

As everyone is aware, an entry in the film industry itself is a very dicey affair requiring lots of luck, efforts, and toil! And, think of getting a chance to act as the hero! Altogether impossible! And then, to sustain as a hero for long periods is an even more Herculean task and achievement! 

But then, think! Even after reigning in the film industry for 43 years, Rajinikanth has retained his ‘superstar’ status and the Number 1 position at the top!