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What do the three red dots (Ratria) symbolise?


Posted on : 09/Nov/2018 14:35:29



Ratria will be the symbol of Infinitheism. Ratria, symbolises continuity, perpetuity and never ending evolution of the body, mind and soul.

Anyone can be one among the crowd. The joy of living life is in standing above the crowd, and in walking a different path. It`s a choice you have to make. Make the decision right now. Do you want to be just anybody in life, or do you want to be somebody in life? If you live like everybody, you will become like everybody. Walk the path everybody walks, and you`ll reach the destination everybody reaches. Walk a different path and you`ll create a different destination for yourself.

If you keep thinking the same way, you will keep doing the same stuff. If you keep doing the same stuff, you will keep getting the same results. Expecting your life to change without changing the pattern of your thoughts is immaturity. Doing the same stuff but expecting newer results is sheer ignorance. If the effect has to change, then the cause must change.

If I have to reach where I have never reached, then I will have to take the path that I have never taken. If! have to achieve what I have never achieved, then I will have to do the things that / have never done before. If I have to accomplish what no one has ever accomplished, then I will have to do what no one has ever done.

If you want to be a pathfinder, then you must be willing to be a path breaker. You cannot have a breakthrough unless you are willing to break with. If you cannot run ahead of others, then dare to run completely in a different direction with the belief that one day this world will follow you.

Come... let us go the other way.
There was a time when the Thinkers provided leadership to the world. Then there was a time when the Mighty provided leadership to the world. Then came the time when Industrial Revolution took over the leadership of the world. From there Science took over to provide leadership to the world. Then came the Economic Revolution, which provided leadership to the world. And now, Information and Technology has been leading the world. While each of these phases of leadership did cause humungous progress to the world, and to humanity as a whole, by their very nature they can only divide and fragment the world. By their innate nature, they cannot achieve the vision of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, "Where the world has not broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls... Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.- Any extroverted, objective path can only cause further divisions, and certainly not unification.

So, is there a need for another New Age religion?
Certainly No. Another religion will only compound the problems and will not solve any of the existing issues. It will divide the world further, Please understand that lifestyle has evolved. Technology has evolved. Engineering has evolved. Varied fields of sciences have evolved. The field of medicine has evolved. Everything has either evolved or at least everything has changed. Religion alone hasn`t. True, in its essence Religion cannot evolve, but it must evolve in its expressions and in its practices. Yesterday`s ways don`t work with today`s mind. If there is so much confusion in the adult`s mind regardrding religious practices and so much aversion to religious practices amongst the younger minds, it is because religion, in its application, hasn`t tuned itself to the modern world.

I don`t have to be considered sacrilegious for stating this. In truth, this has essentially been the ways of religion. In essence, every religion, when it was born, was born as an expression of timeless wisdom with contemporary expressions. According to the time and place, in tune with the adequacies and deprivations of the society at that juncture, in sync with the temperament of people, one amongst them unfolded the contemporary expressions to the already prevailing timeless wisdom, and thus a new way of life unfolded for the masses... purely with the intent to provide a better way to life. That has been the very purpose and essence of every religion.

When the verse from The Bhagavad Gita states: 
Paritranaya Sadhunaarn vinashaya cha dushkritham, 
Dharma samsthapanarthaya sambhavarni yuge yuge
For the protection of the devotees and the destruction of evil and to 
fully establish righteousness, I appear millennium after millennium.

Essentially, the birth of every religion is only a validation of this truth. However, now we need something beyond religion.

Even the most intelligent of men become utterly foolish when it comes to their religious sentiments. We have brought disgrace to the founders of each of the religion. We have vulgarised their teachings and preaching. Each and every one of us should cry in shame for the way we have abused the wisdom of our spiritual masters. Let us no more subscribe to this shame. Come... let us go the other way. Let us embrace God without embracing religious fanaticism. Religious tolerance alone will not be enough. We must renounce religious fanaticism. We must denounce all feelings of superiority and inferiority derived out of religious fanaticism. Remember, true spiritual evolution is to outgrow from the bondage of all religions.

Will God reject us if we go to Him as human beings, just plain, simple human beings, without any religious prefixes or suffixes? I claimed that I am from this religion because my dad said that he was from that religion. Can I today say that I do not belong to any religion so that my son will have no such fanaticism to embrace? I just want to remain the child of God, who will agree with me that he himself does not belong to any religion. I, as his child, too do not belong to any religion.

What blasphemy is this to even say something beyond religion is required? Hasn`t every attempt in the past to think beyond religion result in leadership that discounted the existence of God, and thus only gave to the world psychopaths. True! But here we are discussing about a path that`s beyond religion, and yet inclusive of God. Let me elaborate...

There is a pyramid to human development. Right at the bottom of the pyramid of human development is `Knowledge`. We go to various forms of educational institutions to acquire knowledge. As man develops with abundant knowledge, he does realise that there is no potency to knowledge unless he develops himself in `Attitudes and Skills`. ASK - Attitude, Skikill and Knowledge, provides the competence that`s needed to succeed in today`s world. Anything at the cost of the other, do not help man to actualise or maximise his potential. So, we go to various mentors, coaches, training organisations and other specialists in these fields of human dynamics to develop ourselves in attitudes and skills.

However, ASK provides growth only under favourable circumstances. The simple plain truth is life is never going to be a series of favourable circumstances. That`s where `Philosophy` comes in at the next higher level of the pyramid. You begin to align yourself to the thought process of those thinkers, who have lived their entire life in contemplation of life. This is where the Gurus and Swamis come in. We learn from them, as to, how to see life, We begin to surrender our ways of thinking to their ways of thinking; for they, from a higher consciousness, have an evolved view of life.

The more and more you align yourself to philosophical view of life, the more and more you start feeling the call of Religion. The word religion has its Latin roots: Re Ligare, that is, Re (again) Ligare (to reconnect). One of the essential purposes of religion was to help you to again reconnect to your origin, which is your formless source. So, when you begin to seek religion, you end up seeking God, that formless source. You become a theist. A theist is one who believes in the presence of a higher force, called God. Now, the big question is, Is there anything above God? Though your instinctive whisper must have been, There can be nothing above God, but there is...

`Faith` is above God. After all, only for those who have faith, there is a God. For, those who do not have faith, for them, there is no existence of God. In fact, for them, their pyramid stops with their philosophical understanding of life. Faith is above everything.

In reality, it is not your God, who is making your faith work. In fact, it is your faith that is making your God work. His God is weak because his faith is weak. Her God is powerful because her faith is powerful. It will be absolute immaturity to try and define God. What cannot be confined cannot be defined. Not understanding God is not ignorance. Trying to understand God is ignorance. The lower can never comprehend the higher. The lower can only surrender to the higher. And, all this is possible only through faith.

So, we need a path that can be everything in the pyramid. The new world needs a new path that can provide knowledge of life, mentor the attitudes and skills needed for actualisation and naaxirnisations of one`s potential, provide the philosophical spectacles to view life from a higher consciousness, lead man to unite with his origin, and most importantly, instead of defining God, helps man to define his faith.

The time has come for Scientific Spiritual Leadership. I know, the very word Spirituality has been so scandalised and vulgarised, something within shivers even uttering the words like Guru, Spirituality, Swami, Ashrams, and these are words that should actually queue in feelings that are sacrosanct. But, we don`t have an alternative. Whether we want it that way or not, the only possibility of a renaissance of an united new world is through a path of Scientific Spiritual Leadership, where the Science of Spirituality is intellectually compmprehended, and there is Spiritual centeredness to scientific progress.

We need a path of life that`s transcendental of religious bondage. We need a path that`s beyond discrimination. We need a path that does not ask man to Give up his materialistic life, but shows him the way to Go up by integrating his materialistic aspirations with spiritual centeredness.

The time has come for a renaissance where science and Spirituality are no more viewed as competing paths but are seen as complementing paths. The time has come for a world where Spirituality provides leadership to science, and science intellectually carries Spirituality to the last man in the globe. It is not enough science meets God. Now, science has to work with God, and God has to work through science. A Voice of Love alone will not suffice to build a new world.

We need a Voice of abundance,
a Voice of bliss,
a Voice of silence,
and a Voice of governing Leadership... the need is for the Voices of future.

We deserve a world of Holistic Abundance, and we need a path that can give us the breakthroughs to design our own destiny to achieve that Holistic Abundance. 

We need a new world. We need a new consciousness. We need a new future. We need a new path. We need a new man... a man, who does not remind us of anybody whom we have seen in the past. Can this be a new beginning! Together, can we cause this new beginning. Even if we are the minority, we should begin.

Come... let us go the other way.
The time has come...
The path of the New Age is born...

From the booklet provided by infinitheism. Written by Mahatria, Voice Ra

Courtesy: www.infinitheism.com