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Why in Tiruvottiyur the presence of an overhead tank is creating issues for many people?


Posted on : 16/May/2018 12:45:52

An overhead tank in Tiruvottiyur in north Chennai is now making huge news. The residents of Othavadai Street in this locality are not happy and are highly concerned about their safety now due to an overhead tank present inside the Chennai Port Housing Colony. This huge tank is not in use and for many months some pieces of this overhead tank have been falling on the street next to the compound wall.

It is worthy to mention here that this huge tank has got a capacity of 45000 litres and the tank is 100 feet in height. It was about 50 years back this tank was built at the staff quarters that had many houses. Later many houses in this housing colony were demolished is known.

The shocking piece of information is cracks have started appearing on the pillars of this gigantic overhead water tank. This has created huge fears on the residents belonging to Othavadai Street.

Mr. Damodaran, who is the general secretary of Ambedkar Welfare Association, expressed his thoughts and spoke about how the slabs falling from this tank are worrying many people here. The people are afraid to walk past the structure now. He also spoke about the presence of 2 schools on the route and how this is also one of the pathways of the popular VOC Nagar railway station.

A resident of this locality spoke about how the kids going and coming from the schools were asked to walk past this gigantic overhead tank carefully. A sizable portion of concrete from the tank fell on a car recently and this was highlighted by another resident belonging to this place. No action was taken against the petition given to the chairman of the Chennai Port and this has been confirmed by Mr. Damodaran.

The Chennai port officials spoke about the steps taken to dismantle the tank and the lack of contractors etc.