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Soon eco-park in Chetpet would have virtual reality theatre and aquarium


Posted on : 16/May/2018 12:36:44

An eco-park in Chetpet, Chennai has been grabbing the attention of many these days. With its main gate located opposite to the famous Ega theatre, this eco-park is being visited by many for relaxation. Boating as well as fishing could be done here is well known. It is said over 500 visitors visit on the weekdays and the number of visitors visiting this eco-park rises to 1500 on the weekends. The beautiful landscape combined with pleasant breeze is fabulous here. It was in the year 2016 this eco-park was inaugurated by the former chief minister of TN Dr. J. Jayalalitha.

The latest news is this eco-park in Chetpet would soon have a virtual reality theatre plus an aquarium. In another 6 months of time a new aquarium would greet the visitors here as this aquarium is under construction now. It is revealed that 600 sqm solar powered complex would have VR or virtual reality, AR or augmented reality plus an aquarium.

Focussing on the nature and providing insights of natural ecosystem like forests or underwater world, this AR/VR programme would be sensational and would be of duration of 20 minutes to 30 minutes.

Three salt water and three fresh water tanks would be present in the aquarium. This was confirmed by the officials belonging to the department of fisheries. The eco-park is maintained by this fisheries department is known.

Initially boating was the major source of attraction here but once the aquarium and VR theatre gets opened more visitors would be visiting this remarkable eco-park in Chetpet.

The lake management personnel of the eco-park spoke about how heat makes the water levels go down and how the water from angling pond is diverted to the lake. He later spoke about how preservation of the lake is done naturally by the dust sucking fishes. These fishes are made to co-exist with the rest of the ecosystem.