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Railway Board promotes Unreserved Ticket Bookings through Mobile


Posted on : 14/May/2018 14:45:12

Commuters booking unreserved tickets through Mobile application R-wallet will get 5 Percent discount when they recharge their wallet. For instance when you recharge your wallet for Rs 100 you will receive Rs 5 as bonus in accordance with your railway ticket booking.

The reports from the Railway Board (RB) on May 3 confirms the stand of the body to promote the m-Booking of the unreserved tickets on the request of Southern Railways comprising of the states Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Initially the mobile booking will be carried on as a trail phase for three months. Then after reviewing the further process to implement the method completely will be escalated by the Railway Board.

Through this Utsonmobile application the tickets for the unreserved section can be booked with the Smart phone. This way of m-ticketing was first initiated by the Southern Railways and the tickets are already booked through mobile phones by the Commuters from Kerala and Tamil Nadu from April 14, 2018. This idea of unreserved ticket booking can reduce the long queues in the manual booking counters of the railway station and for the surprise the m-ticketing had a whopping 10 lakh bookings within the period of four weeks after the launch. In Chennai Suburban railways have this m-ticketing option since 2015. Around 30,000 to 40,000 mobile bookings are done on daily basis in these Chennai suburban networks. Statistics clearly indicated the warm welcome of the m-ticketing method of the unreserved bookings by the graph of 40,000 to 80,000 bookings through mobile in a given day exceeding more than 2 percent of the total unreserved tickets sold.

So on an average 1 Lakh mobiles bookings of the unreserved tickets are done on daily basis says the Sothern Railways official reports. The aim is to increase the percentage up to 5 mark in the mobile ticketing market.

Railway Ministry told the mission of these implementation is to enable commuters to book tickets within five minutes of the arrival in the particular station. The top mark of 93 percentage of Southern Railway bookings are under the unreserved segment and there is a clear expectation of the rise in this percentage owing to increase of bus fare in Tamil Nadu.

Now the 5 percent offer of the R-wallet Application allows a maximum recharge of Rs10, 000 and the past limit was half of the current amount, Rs5000.