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Is taking an oil bath in the summer beneficial to body health?


Posted on : 07/May/2018 12:24:53

It is always ok to take oil bath not only on the important festival day of Deepavali but also any day. So, is perfectly ok to take oil bath every day and any day. Why? Because the head is one of the most important parts of the body – it is rather essential that it should be kept clean and healthy. In fact, it is a matter of wonder how the human kind gradually ignored the head part while taking bath.

As per the traditional Indian culture, the 1 mug of water should be poured on the head during the start of the bath – not on the body. Again the question why? – Because our body temperature is maintained at a particular level. There are prospects that pouring water suddenly on the body may lead to the body heat immediately affecting the head.

This is why it has been followed that the 1st mug water should be poured on the head while starting the bath. This tradition has been practiced for several decades. However, in the present lifestyle, people have tended to become lazier and hence they have deemed that taking head-bath as a rather occasional one. Some of us take head-bath only once in a month. However, the fact is that a true bath is to wash the entire body.

There are 3 basic properties in our body – bile (pitham), palsy (vaadham), and phlegm (kabam). The climatic condition is mostly hot throughout the year in South India. Oil bath becomes essential in order to counter this heat.

The heat-related problems are likely to be more intense for those who keep moving around in the hot sunny weather. Taking oil-bath is really a ‘must’ for these people.

When the body heat problem I more intense, applying and rubbing oil around the navel or the belly buttom will reduce the body heat.  The just-born infants will have a soft spot on the peak head - it may be observed that while giving a bath to the infant, oil applied to this soft spot on the head. You may really feel the body heat coming down while applying oil to this soft spot on the head. Oil can also be applied to the soft depression in the throat or the navel or belly button to bring down the body heat.

In order to get the above benefits, the later generations revised the habit and reduced to taking oil bath at least once in a week or a month. It is a well-known and established fact that these traditions are intended for good body health.

Taking oil bath becomes even more essential in the peak of summer season. Even while taking bath without applying oil, it is really required to take bath from head to toe covering the entire body.