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Health Tips to beat the heat of this summer


Posted on : 04/May/2018 16:58:22

Summer has arrived with its large burning wings fluttering the heat all over the place we live in. No amount of icy water can dilute the heat waves produced by the sun in the summer season.

Summer season will onset many issues like Skin Rashes and Dryness, Dehydration, Eye irritation, Dizziness and so on. We need extra care for our health and nourishment to handle the over-heat and below is the list of tips to gear up ourselves for this summer.

Green Tea

Avoid traditional tea and coffee in summer season which may increase the nominal temperature of our body and can cause lots of heat related defects. The traditional practice in India adding or topping the tea and coffee with milk is not very advisable in the summer season as it may cause skin problems and also indigestion. Have lots of Organic teas like Green Tea, Herbal Mixture Tea., etc to boost the immune system. Organic Herbal Tea will balance the metabolism and also aids the overall body system to burn fat as a fuel for its energy.

Break Fast

Starting the day with nutritious food is a best way to welcome the summer mornings. Extreme weather in the afternoons and evening will direct your body to crave for more liquid foods rather than solid hot servings of rice and gravy. So have protein and fat rich food with lots of green veggies in the morning so that the body can get all the required energy and strength from that meal. Then it can balance the whole hot day with juices and seasonal fruits leading to increase in heat tolerance and stamina in our bodies.

Seasonal Fruits

Sweet Fruits in this summer will almost destroy all kinds of flu related symptoms and bacterial infections in your body. Mangoes, Water Lemon, Coconut Water and Sweet Lime can provide enough Vitamin C and minerals for the body to fight against all kinds of diseases and infections. Making the fruits a stand-alone meal will regulate the body temperature in accordance with each individuals body condition and age.


Hydrate yourself with enough water as per the bodys requirement signaled in the form of thirst. Do not drink too much of water when it is not required or while staying indoors without any kind of physical activities. Dehydration and Over-hydration, both are dangerous in the summer season as the less water will dry the body while too much water will drive all essential minerals out of the body. So wait for the natures signal of thirst and drink up to your satisfaction.