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Is it ok for health to drink ice-water in summer?


Posted on : 02/May/2018 17:51:24

During the scorching summer season, it is essential to dring excessive quantity of water more than usual. All types of medical systems emphasise this.

When the query, is it ok to drink ice-water? is put up, the answer will be, Certainly, by all means? The Allopathy medical system asserts that there are no harms drinking ice-water during summer.

After moving around quite a lot in the summer season, most of us have the habit of drinking ice-water immediately after returning home. There are many of us, who take the chilled water straight from the refrigerator and drink. Though this may cause some immediate changes in the body, normalcy is restored within a short period. So, taking ice-water may not cause any harm.

However, some ice cold drinks may affect some people.

Ice cream may affect a few people. However, it cannot be declared that taking ice cream causes harm to everyone. It is only likely that those suffering from tooth decay, allergy, and throat complaints when taking ice cream may aggravate these problems and cause harm.

There is no harm drinking ice-water. In the same vein, there are more benefits gained by taking bath in cold water. It will increase the body resistance to diseases.

Taking cold water bath in the early morning will bring extra freshness and alertness. It will also reduce the mental tension and also reduce the hormone level which causes mental anguish.

This will also help n the digestion process and helps remove the toxic elements and properties. It hardens the skin and delays the old age. It is especially good to take cold water baths in the summer season.

By taking cold water or eating cold food items, the creation of virus germs causing cold will be prevented. Only those who are allergic to cold water may get affected.

As per the medical analysis, there are no harms in drinking ice-water. The prevailing excessive pollution has affected even the drinking water. Mostly, the water available is not pure. Keeping it in the refrigerator will only worsen it further. So, it is always better o drink warm water.