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Learn languages for free in these 5 apps


Posted on : 30/Apr/2018 17:50:38

Learning new language have become a necessity apart from individual interest. Be it for employability or communicating, language has turned into an integral part of everyones life. So, this naturally brings the need for learning language on the go without spending much time or money. Be it your aim to learn a few commonly used phrases in a particular language to use during your vacation or become well versed in a language, you can learn languages at various levels in these five platforms we are mentioning below. And the happy factor is that they come for free!

Kings Learning

There is a wide gap between getting versed in language and employment opportunities. Kings Learning comes handy and offers a connection between the two. This is mainly helpful for students, professionals, corporates, etc. They have different products specific to industries. Some of those are Enguru app, Enguru Talk, Enguru Enterprise app, etc. These are for the users to learn vocabulary and improve their position in work place. They can easily learn functional vocabulary pertaining to their respective industries. It is available both on Android devices and iOS devices.


You can expand your vocabulary on Duolingo by answering to queries using visual clues. You may also have private tutor experience on this app. It is also present both on Android and iOS.


There are more than 20,000 videos by native speakers and a total of more than 200 courses in English. With this, you can learn different accents, conversation and grammar skills all at one point. Furthermore, you can access its content offline as well.


You can learn about 12 languages using this app where there are award-winning courses. These courses are of various levels starting from beginner to fluent levels.


This is an online course where they also teach cognitive techniques. Students can improve vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and lot more. Experts have designed these bite-sized lessons. These are free to be accessed from any device. One can talk with confidence with ease using this app.