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What could be the reason behind the sexual disinterest in women?


Posted on : 30/Apr/2018 17:02:19

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My wife is not interested in sex. She says she is very tired and fatigued as the reason behind her lack of sexual interest. I know it is not the real reason. Her behavior towards me has changed very much. She no longer feels attracted to me. 

What could be the reason behind the sexual disinterest of my wife? - Sudhakar from Vizag 

Hi Sudhakar,

The lack of sexual interest of your wife does not happen on its own. There are many reasons behind it. I think your wife feels emotionally starved by you. 

Are you committing the common mistake a man usually commits? Are you wondering what mistake it could be? Most men do not make their wives feel loved. 

Ask most wives this question Does your husband love you? Most of them would say, I dont know Yes!

It is an unpalatable truth that you do not know how to display the love for your wife. You might say you love your wife, but when you do not make it open she feels used and neglected by you. 

This makes her gradually withdraw from you. You also commit many other mistakes which hurt your wife. 

  • You never notice her tiredness.
  • You make her slog alone with her household chores.
  • You never appreciate her.
  • You make degrading comments about her before your friends\relatives.

You do nothing to please your wife. But you want her to give you sexual pleasure as and when you like. Very insensitive of you, isnt it?

Do you know your wife must feel emotionally fulfilled by you to feel sexually aroused towards you?

When you do not display your love, she shows her anger by refusing you sexual pleasure.

Dont worry. When you change your behavior towards your wife, she will definitely feel sexually interested in you. 

  • Demonstrate your love implicitly. 
  • Give her the respect due to her. 
  • Dont try to change her according to your liking. 
  • Give her personal space so that she can do things she likes doing without interference from you. 
  • Give her the much needed rest by looking after your children. 
  • Dont make negative comments about her.

Are you feeling what this has to do with sex? Almost everything for your wife. Your wife has to feel emotionally fulfilled by you, if you want her to satisfy you sexually. Follow these tips and see the  difference in your wife. 

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